The Pecora Nera restaurant was born on 12/28/2000

Arriving on holiday in Puerto Viejo, on 9/31/1998, with the idea of keeping me only a month, things took another path.

Defined by some friends as the family’s Black Sheep after about two years of various experiences and adventures as a Caribbean cook I decided with the financial help of my parents to build a small ranch in a property at the time very distant from the town center, another once highly criticized by the local Italian community very criticized as a good black sheep, given the lack of consistency in opening a small restaurant in a place at the time remote with the absence of a cell phone network and the Internet.


With the energy of a 23-year-old young man I got to work with the little money I had by building a small ranch of 42 square meters using the timber of a tree cut on the same property and a second-hand Spanish ceramic floor still existing.

The first years were incredibly difficult from an economic point of view but for a 23 year old boy with dreams who thinks that life lasts a thousand years nothing is impossible so with my head down with the dreamer’s head I had plenty of time to experience local products and merge with the Afro-Caribbean local culture, a culture that today I consider my other half considering what it gave me from a human and economic point of view

The secret of the ingredients

Today the restaurant is much larger and I have a group of self-taught guys trained here in the restaurant who have been helping me for years and in my opinion even better than many Italian cooks and waiters.

Our kitchen is a kitchen that cannot be defined today, we are talking about designer kitchens, avant-garde cuisine, fusion cuisine, I call ours our good cuisine, what we eat, which however does not go unnoticed, making us appreciate its colors and scents.

Everything we bring to our tables and made by us, bread, fresh pasta, preserves, ice cream, pastries, some cold cuts etc. etc.

We import wine and other products such as Parmesan cheese, we import extra virgin olive oil directly from Italy.